PaymTech is a payment aggregator for your business

Excellent service and modern technologies

Our team offers the latest technology, modern and individual approach to each client

Promptness of calculations

Access to the account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; Real-time account monitoring

Convenient and efficient payment solutions

PaymTech offers high-quality, fast and efficient solutions for accepting payments with payment cards for online businesses

Enhanced security for any online payment

All payments are processed in strict accordance with PCI DSS standards and are automatically scored in an online fraudulent transaction prevention system

Convenient, reliable and simple online processing for your transactions

PaymTech offers fast payment solution integration and a user-friendly interface for payments management. Our solutions are easily integrated into the main content management systems of the site

Timely settlements without hidden fees

We provide timely settlements for completed transactions. PaymTech fees are always transparent and in line with market tendencies

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